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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wellington Regional Kapahaka Competition

On Saturday I attended this event held at the Micheal Fowler centre in Wellington. I went down to support some whānau who were performing with the group Ngāti Pōneke. As it turns out 3 Hato Pāora old boys performed with the group Ngā Taonga mai Tawhiti. (Te Kapua, Te Mauri & Jono) Their group was very impressive and had strong singing. My wife brought it to my attention that they were graced with 4-ex Waka Huia members and it showed. The overall level of kapahaka on that day was great, all groups - even the so called fill-ins were well rehearsed and professional. The winners on the day were Tutemaungaroa, a group comprised of mainly Tuhoe affliates. Their style was similar to well known Mataatua group Ruatāhuna. As for our whānau's team Ngāti Pōneke, we actually thought they were going to win. They had huge choreography, uniformity and a good kaupapa. Anyway it was a good day, and I must say Ngāti Pōneke know how to look after their manuhiri, kia ora ra koutou katoa.

1st - Tutemaungaroa.
2nd - Ngāti Pōneke.
3rd - Ngā Taonga mai Tawhiti.


Anonymous T0r3y! said...

Nga toanga mai tawhiti roxz...

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Anonymous **dAk0tA** said...

Hii tOr3Y iiTs dAkOtA LoL!!..jSt cH3Kn oWt dEeZ pGeZ!!..iiM oWt!!

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