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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NEWS - Maori Party panics seat target will fall short

The Maori Party is planning an all-out assault to gain an eighth Maori seat to fight for next election.Co-leader Pita Sharples says not enough people are signing on to the Maori roll to meet the 14,000 target by August, when the Maori Electoral Option ends. Dr Sharples says the option isn't going the way the party thought it would.

“We're so disturbed about it we are going on the road for a month, starting this weekend We’re going to tour the country and leave one person back in Parliament, and three of us outside talking to people and recruiting people to change young people, inviting them to join the Maori roll,” Sharlpes said.

Pita Sharples says Maori respond best to kanohi ki te kanohi, or face to face discussions, so the Maori Party has to go where the people are.

Radio Waatea.


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