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Friday, May 25, 2007

Reward in Italy

The following picture was taken from a recent Italian Newspaper.
It shows Te Pau Mariu receiving the Award at the World Creativity Festival in Sanremo, Italy, in May 2007, for Audience Popular Vote.
This was the 9th Annual Creativity Festival held in Italy, in the Teatro Ariston Theatre on the Italian Riviera. 102 Schools from 21 Nations were represented including 33 provinces in Italy. Hato Paora College was the only school represented in the Southern Hemisphere.
We are very proud of Te Pau Mariu, Manaia Osborne, Matuku Tamaki (Guitarist), Caleb Lerm, Chase Wharehoka and Leroy King for their wonderful performances.
The Festival was for all creative arts such as Dance, Ballet, Music and Art. Students attended from countries such as Russia, Rumania, Turkey, Poland, Malta and many, many more. Congratulations to all students on their wonderful achievements.
Rosalyn Williamson
Hato Paora College
New Zealand.


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